Thrive Outdoors – Bushcraft

Bushcraft Experience

Full Day Experience


In this bushcraft course experience, you will be shown more than just to survive in the wilderness but how to thrive!

The full-day experience includes learning a variety of different basic skills to survive by building and lighting a fire, preparing food by the fireside, building a shelter and collecting, filtrating and purifying water. You will be instructed on how to use knives, saws and axes safely to use different cutting techniques so you can use the natural woodland to your advantage and craft elements to make yourself at home in the wilderness.


With this full-day experience, your lit fire will provide the base for fire-side dining. We will help you create some bushcraft culinary treats that you can toast over the fire to fuel you for the day’s activities. You will be able to use your tools to learn the beginning elements of wood carving and will make your own carved creation to take home as a memento of your adventure.


All our Earth and Nature experiences involve discovering the natural environment and observing, identifying and appreciating the flora and fauna we find along the way and learning tracking as we go.

Get ready for the experience!


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