The Survival Instinct

Survival Experience

Overnight Experience


This overnight bushcraft & survival experience gives you the full experience of thriving in the wilderness and sleeping under the stars!  This two-day experience includes learning how to construct a variety of different bushcraft shelters from the materials in your natural environment that you can choose to sleep in under the stars.

You will be instructed on how to use knives, saws and axes safely to use different cutting techniques so you can use the natural woodland to your advantage and craft elements to make yourself at home in the wilderness. You will learn a variety of ways to light and sustain a fire using different tools and go out into your surroundings to identify different species of trees and how they can be used for fire lighting.

The fire will not only provide warmth but also will be the centre of our woodland feast where we will forage and prepare our own wilderness dinner, breakfast and lunch. The environment around you and the provisions from your trained instructors will be all you need to enjoy the taste of nature and the menu will be bespoke to your dietary needs and preferences.

You will be instructed on how to find, collect and filter water to keep you safely enjoying the taste of Scottish fresh waters.


All our Earth and Nature experiences involve discovering the natural environment and observing, identifying and appreciating the flora and fauna we find along the way and learning tracking as we go. By the fire you will not only be warming your toes you’ll also be engaging in camp crafts, based on your own interests making cordage out of natural materials, weaving and putting those new tool skills to use to make creations to be used for tasks around basecamp.


Get ready for the experience!


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