Let’s go wild – Bushcraft

Bushcraft Experience

Short Experience


This Bushcraft course experience allows you to spend quality time outdoors, developing all sorts of wilderness skills. You will learn bushcraft skills to thrive in the outdoors. It doesn’t require any previous experience and allows you to release your reliance on modern materials to enjoy learning about the fantastic resources we can find in nature and how to use them to make yourself at home in the wilderness.

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We will welcome you to base camp where you will get started making yourself feel at home. You will be instructed on how to use outdoor tools safely. You will be introduced to using knives, saws and axes to create items to make yourself at home in the wilderness. Building a shelter will ensure you are protected from the elements in the woodland.  To thrive in the wild, the key primitive skill to develop is building a fire. You will learn several ways to build a fire, regardless of circumstance or environment.


All our Earth and Nature Adventures experiences involve discovering the natural environment and observing, identifying and appreciating the flora and fauna we find along the way.

Get ready for the experience!


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