Baby Sensory Adventure

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Join us for a very special outdoor experience designed for baby explorers and their grown-ups to enjoy time together in nature.

This experience is designed for babies aged 6 months to pre-walking to stimulate your little ones developing senses.

The Baby Sensory Adventure provides a safe and enriching environment to explore the wonders of nature.

Baby Sensory Adventure


A 60-minute session of outdoor sensory play You and your little one will enjoy: 🎼 Stories and songs by the campfire 🪹 Treasure baskets for heuristic play to develop curiosity exploring a variety of natural objects for safe tactile exploration. 🍃 A nature walk to enjoy seeing the colours of the forest and the dance of sunlight through the trees. Listen in to the delights of nature’s symphony and breathe in the scents of the forest. 🌳 A cosy forest space where there will be blankets and pillows encouraging crawling, rolling and gentle movements. 🎨 Craft a memento to remember your time in the forest together.  Time with you to develop and strengthen their bonds with you in the great outdoors. The Baby Sensory Adventure promises a joyful and stimulating experience, fostering early sensory development and a love for the great outdoors. Come and watch your baby delight in the simple wonders of nature!

Get ready for the experience!


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